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Who Is Speaking for the Taxpayer? Vol. 2

Fellow Residents:

I invite you to read Council Woman Kelly Fergusson’s defense of her decision to increase the police sergeant’s raise by a huge 30% (and, in truth, much more).  Almanac Almanac: Guest opinion: Making the case for the sergeants' raise (February 4, 2009)

Please evaluate her justifications in light of these facts:

·         The local economy is suffering – Menlo Park’s General Fund Budget deficit has ballooned to $3.1 million and counting.

·         At the same time (effective January 1, 2009) our non-police employees received a 35% increase to already generous benefits.

·         All this is occurring in our City Council chambers while other communities are attempting to hold the line:


o       San Jose has given their police personnel a 5% increase over the same 18- month period as Menlo Park’s receives its 30+%.

o       Palo Alto, looking at budget deficits, is considering no pay increases in upcoming labor agreements.

o       And our own police chief contradicted Fergusson’s assumptions by saying that the sergeants would not leave, even if they did not get this raise.


·        Also, the latest political-campaign filings for the 2008 re-election campaign, made public just last week, indicates that Council Woman Fergusson received $3,200 from the local unions, three of which were in $1,000 increments.  These are by far the largest donations she received.

So I ask -- is Council woman Fergusson speaking for you, the taxpayer?

I also ask—do you think the City council majority will raise your Utility Users Tax* in order to cover these rising employee costs?  And are you OK with a raise?

As always, you can contact me at


Lee Duboc

*The utility user taxes apply to your phone, cell phone, DSL, cable, gas, electricity and water bills.

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