Menlo Park's Future


A Personal Note

I appreciate the many responses I have received since my last e mail – “Who Is Speaking for The Taxpayer”.

I realized at the time I was writing it that I would create quite a storm, and I have.

It would have been much easier for me if I had never written it, but I believe that the time for silence is long past, and our City and State must look at issues squarely.

The reason I decided to “speak” so frankly is because of a recent conversation I had with my 22-year-old son who just graduated from the University of Washington.  He has long wanted to be a public high school teacher in California.  He told me that he was not counting on any retirement funding being there for him when it came time for his retirement.  He stated that “all” of his generation knew that “the Baby Boomer generation was, in essence, bankrupting “the system”. 

Soon after that I took a road trip and visited many of the National and State parklands that were “built” by my parent’s generation.  What a legacy the “Greatest Generation” has left us!   I felt ashamed that my generation would be leaving crumbling infrastructure, overburdening debt, and little financial stability to future generations.

Bottom line:  If today’s leaders are not willing to tackle the hard issues, then they, and we as voters, are failing our future.

NOTE:   I am getting many responses from people who are worried about the “state” of El Camino Real.  I am working on an email dealing with this issue right now.  If you have any ideas for me on this issue, or any others, please let me know :