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High Speed Rail Wins in Menlo Park, What Next?

Fellow Residents,

Menlo Park, with the rest of San MateoCounty and the State, has supported High Speed Rail. Fifty eight (58%) percent of Menlo Park residents voted “yes.” Only two precincts in our city did not support HSR. One is Flood Triangle near FloodPark and Bay Road (53% opposed), and the second is the area at the North end of our City along the tracks near Buckthorn Way ( 71% opposed) .

Now it is time for

1.    City Council to drop its lawsuit against High Speed Rail.

·         -  This lawsuit was brought to you by the group that was allowed, by Council, to kill the Derry Project. It is time to depower this unelected group.

·         -  One Councilmember has already said that the suit will continue. We urge the rest of the Council to override.

2.    Reverse the decision to spend $41,000 on another under-the-tracks bicycle tunnel study, at least until we decide how the tracks will be built.

3.    Make a decision, which this Council has side stepped, re: what kind of grade separations we want in Menlo Park. We do not want Caltrains to make this decision for us.

Grade separations (by which the track and the roadway no longer intersect) are required by the High Speed Rail proposition. And much of the envisioning work for grade separations has already been done in Menlo Park.

Basically we have 5 grade-separation options.

1.    Undergrounding the train

2.    Raising the streets to go over the tracks and leaving the tracks at grade level.

3.    Depressing the streets to go under the tracks and leaving the tracks at grade level.

4.    Raising the tracks by 10 to 20 feet over the street.

5.    Or some combination of 3 and 4 above.

Contrary to what has been claimed, we do not need to build a wall if we raise the tracks.  We can support the tracks on columns or other devices, open up all the area under the tracks, and make Menlo Park more connected than it is now, per below.

Any of the above options will have a transformative effect on our city. I hope everyone becomes involved.

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Lee Duboc

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